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I really can’t be arsed with my family at the moment.


Why the fuck if simon jumps on me and i walk away so i dont punch him in the face do i get moaned at by my parents? and its not just this time, every single fucking time that something happens and i walk away to stop me from hurting him do i get told off for doing the right thing?! I really dont understand and it really fucks me off. Im stressed, tired and i dont need this with my photography exam which i know im going to fail tomorrow.

Rage over.


Love having a nice chilled out evening :D


So what have I done this evening? copied photos from a memory card, sorted them. That is all, just been sitting here learning card tricks and listening to music 🙂 Currently have No one does it better – You me at six  on repeat 😀 It is such a good song, if any of you out there havent listened to it then do so right now! I will even put a link up for you lazy people 😉

So yeah, hazel is ill so isn’t online but that doesn’t bother me tbh because i know that she is asleep and hopefully happy 🙂

So… sorry for not posting very often lately, i will try to do so in my spare time and during IT lessons when I have no work to do 😛 TK if you are reading this please make me do so :L

Anyway talk to you all again later and im still awaiting your comments on what to talk about….

What a weird couple of days …


Well it all started with Valentines Day yesterday, woke up late, went to Hazels and went out to Waitrose to buy ingredients for dinner (Prawn, veg and pasta twas LOVELY). Anyway had an all round brill day yesterday.

Things have kinda got a little worse from there though… I have had a really annoying cough for about 2 weeks and it wont got away, so i got a max of 3 hours of sleep and then went to London vet college for one of their open days, however i found myself drifting off in the second of three lectures and slept on the train on the way back.

Been talking to Hazel and her friends from Jambo that have come done from Sheffield and they are to say the least … random … but I guess I’m used to it with Hazel 😉

Anyway, today yesterday and right now is really rather random and a great time 🙂



hey people for for some unknown reason are looking at my blog after the insane time that i havent blogged for.

Im sorry for not blogging for so long but have have freinds and family problems followed up by work (STILL AMAZING) and exams ¬¬.

Now that my exams have finished i promise that i will be blogging more and hopefully about more interesting things in my life.

I am sitting in my IT class having done my work sitting next to a retard called TK who for no aparent reason says hi to all you wierdo’s out there that follow me 🙂

Thanks for looking again and i will be pressing more soon 😀 ❤ love you all 😀

So what has happened today I hear you ask?


Well…  I had school, pretty ordinary, nothing to tell there but then that is where it all gets interesting 😛 Now two days ago the bad weather knocked down half our fence to the neighbours garden, this meant we couldn’t let our dogs into the garden. This however is where it all gets very interesting, I come home from school, go in through the back gate and see that the fence has fixed itself… now i hear you scream “The neighbour fixed it!”. Well you would be wrong! As i stood staring at it i heard my neighbour come out into the garden aswell… i call over to him “Hey Colin have you fixed the fence because it was broken when i left this morning?” he calls back in reply “No… I thought you did it?” I have asked everyone in my family if they fixed the fence but no… no-one. Sooooo… my hypothesis is that a burglar climbed over the fence to the road, saw the fence broken and instead of breaking in and taking all our worldly possessions (of which we don’t have many) had a change of heart and decided to do some good for once in his life. Well something like that.

Anyway if you are not impressed by my slightly disappointing story then post your own in the comment section for everyone else to read and me of course 😀

Anyway got work tomorrow so will post again after that 😛 night all 😀

God Damn you exams


So have started english revision and have realised once again why i am NOT taking it for a-level, it is so tedious and boring and i really cba with it anymore and to make things worse the exams i am retaking in it are on Friday the 13th! why?! as if i wont be worried enough, oh well just got to keep going and put up with it for this month and then don’t have to worry about it until June 🙂

Also want to say well done to Hazel for plucking up the courage from somewhere 🙂

Has been a rather long day with double history and french, tis a killer oh well easier day tomorrow hopefully 🙂 anyway back to work and will post again either this evening or tomorrow 🙂 thank you to all those people who visit regularly and to those who don’t, why not? eh? come on answer me! 😉 ttyl