So what has happened today I hear you ask?


Well…  I had school, pretty ordinary, nothing to tell there but then that is where it all gets interesting 😛 Now two days ago the bad weather knocked down half our fence to the neighbours garden, this meant we couldn’t let our dogs into the garden. This however is where it all gets very interesting, I come home from school, go in through the back gate and see that the fence has fixed itself… now i hear you scream “The neighbour fixed it!”. Well you would be wrong! As i stood staring at it i heard my neighbour come out into the garden aswell… i call over to him “Hey Colin have you fixed the fence because it was broken when i left this morning?” he calls back in reply “No… I thought you did it?” I have asked everyone in my family if they fixed the fence but no… no-one. Sooooo… my hypothesis is that a burglar climbed over the fence to the road, saw the fence broken and instead of breaking in and taking all our worldly possessions (of which we don’t have many) had a change of heart and decided to do some good for once in his life. Well something like that.

Anyway if you are not impressed by my slightly disappointing story then post your own in the comment section for everyone else to read and me of course 😀

Anyway got work tomorrow so will post again after that 😛 night all 😀


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