God Damn you exams


So have started english revision and have realised once again why i am NOT taking it for a-level, it is so tedious and boring and i really cba with it anymore and to make things worse the exams i am retaking in it are on Friday the 13th! why?! as if i wont be worried enough, oh well just got to keep going and put up with it for this month and then don’t have to worry about it until June 🙂

Also want to say well done to Hazel for plucking up the courage from somewhere 🙂

Has been a rather long day with double history and french, tis a killer oh well easier day tomorrow hopefully 🙂 anyway back to work and will post again either this evening or tomorrow 🙂 thank you to all those people who visit regularly and to those who don’t, why not? eh? come on answer me! 😉 ttyl


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